Career Coaching and Resume Writing for Arts Professionals

Career growth comes from strategy and clarity of vision.

A resume is only one part of the process. As a career coach for arts professionals, I work with you to uncover the notions or habits that may be holding you back. This work can include setting clear goals, focusing your list of potential employers, networking, following up, or interviewing more effectively.

I listen carefully and propose ideas for your specific career level and situation.

Resume and cover letter writing: $395 – $795 USD

LinkedIn profile writing: $265 USD

Executive bio writing: $265 USD

Career Strategy Session: $150 USD (60 minutes) or $200 USD (90 minutes)

Bundle discounts are available.

I work with various professionals in the creative industries, including but not limited to art educators, curators, art historians, museum professionals and executives, designers, creative directors, marketing professionals, and more.

You can benefit from career coaching and resume writing assistance if…

✓ you are not getting the interviews you want
✓ you are not sure if your resume matches your desired career direction
✓ you are in transition to a different type of role(s)
✓ your resume is outdated or overly dense to read
✓ you have been advancing in your career and need an executive resume
✓ your new role has more visibility, and you need a strong LinkedIn profile to network and represent your employer
✓ you could simply use an ally to offer fresh ideas about current hiring trends

For most career levels and industries, including creative and arts professionals, core career services include:

✓ a well-written, targeted resume to maximize interview invitations
✓ an optimized, detailed LinkedIn profile that reflects your unique professional offer and makes it easy for you to network
✓ networking suggestions to help you balance online applications with networking opportunities to be a referred candidate
✓ advice on building an online brand that is consistent, professional, and visible
✓ ideas on following up, researching potential employers, and preparing for interviews

Based on my knowledge of the latest hiring trends and practices, I work with you individually to assess your current mindset, tools, and habits. Then, we identify what you could do more effectively, and I provide documents and information to make your job search a strategic, efficient, and satisfying process.

This session is entirely customized for your needs. We discuss your initial ideas, target roles, and priorities at this stage to help you build your career story and define the next steps.

Your questions, challenges, and goals drive the conversation. This is a collaborative place for you to voice your concerns and ideal outcomes. I listen intently and help you get where you want to be. I may send you questions or worksheets to help you crystalize your core questions before the session, so we can make the best use of our time.

Topics may include career transitions, networking, job search strategy, job interviews, professional development, company research, salary negotiations, professional relationship management, or anything else that will help you build a productive, satisfying work life.

Fees: $150 USD (60 minutes) or $200 USD (90 minutes)

To book a session, please email me at tanya@tm-editorial.com.

✓  You will gain more clarity by articulating your concerns.
✓  You will learn new approaches to networking, searching for and applying to jobs, and interviewing.
✓  We will define the next steps that are appropriate at this stage for your situation.

✓ a short report of your action items for the next few weeks
✓ resources to help you approach tasks with more ease
✓ if applicable, customized template(s) or document(s) you can use to move forward.

Let’s discuss your career goals.