Copyediting Services for Cultural Organizations and Arts Professionals

As an arts content editor, I work with a broad range of genres, from book manuscripts to grant proposals and reports. I can assist with editing fellowship proposals, exhibition proposals and notes, translations into English, newsletters, website content, and exhibition catalogs.

I can also develop style guides to ensure consistency for your future projects.

Line (stylistic) editing aims to improve flow, coherence, logic, clarity, tone, and style. It includes:

  • eliminating wordiness
  • revising word choice (clichés, jargon, ambiguities, or potentially offensive terms)
  • rewriting sentences or paragraphs for logical connections
  • ensuring smooth transitions between sentences or paragraphs
  • reordering sentences where applicable for improved coherence
  • retaining the author’s voice while maintaining a consistent tone
  • adjusting the length of sentences or paragraphs
  • improving sentence structure for clarity and variety

Copyediting is editing for clarity, grammatical correctness, and consistency of style and facts. It includes:

  • checking grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage
  • ensuring completeness of material and querying for missing information
  • establishing consistency of style (abbreviations, numbers, and visual elements)
  • checking items for accuracy (names, quotations, facts, and citations)

Art copyediting costs $0.04 to $0.07 USD per word, depending on the level of editing and length of project. For a specific quote, please email me at tanya@tm-editorial.com.

Copyediting is a collaborative process in the service of your readers. I help you ensure the text is clear and readable for your audiences. We discuss your core audience(s) by email or on the phone. I send edited files (with tracked changes and comments) and clean files to help you make the necessary changes.

We all make occasional typos or mistakes. If you have a tendency to write lengthy sentences or need help with flow, clarity, or concision, a copyeditor can help you improve your writing.

I also work with people whose first or habitual language is not English. Translated essays almost always need copyediting. Web content (blog posts, newsletters, web pages) can benefit from a second pair of eyes to ensure alignment with your key audiences and their reading habits.

An art copyeditor can help improve the tone, consistency, and precision in your writing while also suggesting ideas for defining key terms or structuring the document for better readability.

✓ Copyediting, line editing, and translation experience in the humanities and art history for Rodovid Press and
Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Alberta
✓ Master of Arts in English Literature, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2009
✓ Copyediting training (CDPB 102) from Ryerson University, Toronto, ON, 2017
✓ Member of College Art Association and ACES: The Society for Editing
✓ Professional and reading fluency in French and Ukrainian

My focus is on copyediting, art writing, and career services for arts professionals. As a member of industry associations, I can put you in touch with professionals who specialize in developmental editing, design, proofreading, or self-publishing.

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